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By London Escort Agency Aphrodite, 24th February, 2017

Sex and relationship: Dirty talking is an activities that partners try to stimulate each other in bed and improves the performance of sex. Dirty talks are known to have an impact on the part of the brain called hypothalamus which have a major impact on sex.

Whispering on your partners yea makes her lost in the excitement of sex and hence be able to concentrate more. Positive dirty talks include telling your partner what you are going to do next, how you feel and how sexy she is.

However, you should avoid use of harsh and demeaning words. Telling your partner you would like to do it overnight makes her comfortable and feel you really enjoy it.

One should try to understand her partner to know what they likes in order to improver performance.Your partners response makes you decide next move. The way one says dirty talks also important. If one lacks dirty talks he can get them from cinemas, books and friends.