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By London Escort Agency Aphrodite, 7th February, 2017

While sex is an important aspect of life, talking about it is usually difficult. This intimate subject creates anxiety because of two main reasons. Shameful feelings regarding sex and fear of hurting your partner most of the time lead to silence on the issue. These conversations involve a lot of risks but you should not back down on talking about things are significant to you.

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Improving Your Sex Life

Choosing the right time to bring up the subject is critical. Talking about touchy subjects requires a relaxed mood. Avoid talking about your sexual frustrations during your intimate moments as it may lead to a misunderstanding.

Honesty and openness are essential if the goal is to improve your sex life. Be as clear as possible and avoid using code words that your spouse may not understand. Don't assume that something is obvious and your partner understands it.

Address your feelings and thoughts and at the same time ask questions. Attacking your spouse will cause them to act defensively and so focus on clarity and understanding rather than on who is to blame.

Lastly, listen keenly and treat the conversation with respect. Let your spouse speak their mind without interrupting them. Don't assume they know what you are talking about.

Talking about your sex life is key to a happier and fulfilling marriage. Therefore, don't hold back. Be honest.